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UX/UI Designer


10 weeks, Individual project


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UI Kit, Onboarding Prototype, App Prototype


We have become complacent with how we view media. With the growth of the streaming market, we regressed to the point of complexity, much like the cable box. Odysy is a streaming tool that is for the public. Within Odysy you can navigate all of your streaming services, all in one place. I created the UX/UI for software with the user's needs in mind. In addition, I promoted connection and community on this app through a thoughtful user experience. Finally, I relied on research for my design and business decisions.


  • Streamline the sign-up experience
  • Create a sense of community and belonging with humanity
  • Use research to guide the design thinking and decisions



My approach to design begins with identifying the problem. I used research to better understand the complexities of the problem.

Audience research

I sent out a 10 question survey to my network and received 95+ responses. I did not lead them into this with any knowledge of what I was creating or hoping to achieve. I wanted to get their unbiased and honest opinions on the matter. I used this survey as backing to my business model and the findings to help guide me in a visual direction. In addition, I used publicly available data to get a better understanding of my target audience (Business insider, Fortune Business Insights).

  • 85% of users subscribe to or use 3+ streamings services
  • 50% of users take 6 or more minutes to find something to watch
  • 62% of adults in the US subscribe to a streaming service (2020)
Target Audience
  • 18 - 35-year-olds US
  • Not gender-specific
  • No median household income
  • North American residents
  • Subscribe or use 2+ streaming services

Competitive and market analysis

To learn more about the streaming service market I began to so do a competitive analysis of industry leaders. I looked at streaming services, platforms that provide content, and streaming devices, apps/software that host the streaming services. In addition, I reviewed case studies of recent corporate rebrands from notable firms such as COLLINS, Wieden + Kennedy, and Work&Co.

  • Avoid promotional suggestions that users don't subscribe to
  • Successful corporate branding comes from storytelling not just a logo


User flows

To understand how the user would navigate the app, I built user flows to identify pain points and promote overall efficiency.

Low fidelity




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Next steps

  • Dark mode
  • More use of color to assist in visual hierarchy
  • More uniqueness to the community page
  • Conduct more user testing