Odysy, Brand



Brand Identity


Creative Director, Visual Designer, Animator, Copywriter


10 weeks, Individual project


Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Keynote


Brand Identity, Urban Marketing Campaign, Youtube Ad, Instagram Ad


Odysy is a tool and brand that is made for the public. For my Senior Capstone (Thesis), I created a brand identity for a software that combines all of your streaming services/apps into one location. For years the list of streaming services had gotten longer. This has created a problem for the general public; there are too many apps/services to navigate. I use research as a foundation for my design and business decisions. From this I created a brand that alerts the public of the issue while simultaneously giving them a solution and creating a community.


  • Develop a brand that instills trust in the users
  • Create a sense of community and belonging with humanity
  • Use research to guide the design thinking and decisions



My approach to design begins with identifying the problem. I used research to better understand the complexities of the problem.

Audience research

I sent out a 10 question survey to my network and received 95+ responses. I did not lead them into this with any knowledge of what I was creating or hoping to achieve. I wanted to get their unbiased and honest opinions on the matter. I used this survey as backing to my business model and the findings to help guide me in a visual direction. In addition, I used publicly available data to get a better understanding of my target audience (Business insider, Fortune Business Insights).

Key findings
  • 85% of users subscribe to or use 3+ streamings services
  • 50% of users take 6 or more minutes to find something to watch
  • 62% of adults in the US subscribe to a streaming service (2020)
Target Audience
  • 18 - 35-year-olds US
  • Not gender-specific 
  • No median household income
  • North American residents 
  • Subscribe or use 2+ streaming services

Competitive and market analysis

To learn more about the streaming service market I began to so do a competitive analysis of industry leaders. I looked at streaming services, platforms that provide content, and streaming devices, apps/software that host the streaming services. In addition, I reviewed case studies of recent corporate rebrands from notable firms such as COLLINS, Wieden + Kennedy, and Work&Co.

Key takeaways
  • Streaming services/devices lack a personal brand and ride the coattails of their parent companies (i.e. Disney+, Apple+, HBO Max)
  • Successful corporate branding comes from storytelling not just a logo
Competitive and Market Analysis



odysy is representative of Homer's most notable epic poem, The Odyssey. It is a tail that has transcended generations. Epic poems were once told merely by word of mouth. They were a tool to connect people around tales of wonder and mysticism. The name odysy, communicates the idea of community and connection.


The logo is built from 3 components, the play button, share icon and water. These 3 components are not only the foundation of the logo but of the brand.

Logo sketches and iterations

Visual design



The final visual identity is more than a design system; it solves a problem. The graphic identity is rooted in the ideas of endless possibility, convenience, and connectivity. The colors cause alarm to the unfamiliarity the public has towards this issue. The fonts convey reliability and comfortability. The image-making represents fluidity, simplicity, and abstraction while establishing a visual language as recognizable as it is enjoyable. I use repetition to evoke the endlessness of options with odysy and nostalgia to remind us of the simpler times. 

My deliverables include the brand standards, poster campaign, social assets, and multiple animations. I communicated how malleable the identity is with these deliverables while retaining brand integrity.

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Youtube Ad (18 secs)

Instagram Ad (41 secs)


Key takeaways

  • Building a brand into an interface is challenging, you must hold onto the personality of the brand while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the user experience
  • Motion is a quintessential part of branding in our ever-evolving digital world

Next steps

  • Explore photography more and how it is used with the other branding elements
  • Experiment with a larger color palette
  • Better integration of brand and personality in the UI