UX/UI Design, Brand Identity, Animation


UX Designer,  UI Designer, Animator


5 weeks, Individual project


Figma, Illustrator, After Effects


Video Rendering


"Create a user centric app flow for a specific task of your choosing. This app flow should be based on already existing UX (i.e. Ordering from Starbucks, ordering an Uber, etc). This task should solve a problem or create an optimized user experience."


First Fit is a Philadelphia-based active lifestyle brand. With 6 gym locations scrolled across the city, First Fit provides a convenient and well-rounded physical fitness experience. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic they were faced with the problem of limited capacity at the gyms. To regulate the amount of people who are at the gyms they created their City Fitness Mobile App and established gym session and class attendee limits. Within this app you are able to pick your desired gym locations, class/gym session type, and time in which you’d like to attend. Allowing users to choose when and where they work out but with safety being a priority. Scheduling classes/gym sessions are the most important part of this app, but the app is not limited to solely that. This app also allows for users to manage their account, update their payment method, pre-order a shake, track their rewards and more.


This project was built around the already existed problem created by covid and gym occupancy. Much of my findings and goals are built around the user experience found in City Fitness' member app that was used for scheduling a gym time. From that the main goals of the project were:

  • To create a home screen that is easily navigated, allowing for the most important actions to be a single click away
  • Streamline the appointment confirmation actions
  • Increase user feedback to instill trust in users actions



User Persona

  • Gender Inclusive
  • 20-40-year-olds
  • MHHI $75,000+
  • They have expendable funds
  • Fitness is a large priority in their life, and they are very active
  • Wants to build a community

Competitive Analysis

For my competitive research I looked at City Fitnesses app. City Fitness is a Philadelphia-based active lifestyle brand. With 6 gym locations scrolled across the city. I used this app as a foundation of my design thinking. I completed an app flow analysis of the existing app user experience to better understand the complexities and necessary task for scheduling a class or gym time.

City Fitness App Flow

Research Takeaways

Necessary Tasks

  • Pick a gym location
  • Pick a activity
  • Pick a time

Secondary Tasks

  • Choose an instructor
  • Add a shake
  • Share workout
  • Track workout

Pain Points

  • Confusing app flow
  • Every selection you make results in another page load
  • Too many steps without confirmation of prior actions taken
  • Underwhelming confirmation
  • Back button sends you back to the page prior not to your starting point
  • Necessary task are confusingly placed
  • Limited guidance for first time users
  • Little feedback to the user


I completed sketches of the app flow, user interface design, and interface animation during my design process. After that I began to build out a low fidelity prototype.

App Flow Sketches

Low Fidelity App Flow

UI Animation Sketches (10 of 25)



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