Package Design


Visual Designer, Creative Director, Researcher, Copy Writer


4 week, Individual Project


Illustrator, Photoshop, Psychical Prototypes


For this project I created to Batched:

“Batch'd brings bar quality whiskey ingredients into the comfort of your home. With fresh takes on traditional drinks, Batch’d is the most convenient way to try new experiences and taste, all at a reasonable and accessible price.”

I created the logo marks, visual language and overall brand identity and used this foundation to create the New Fashioned whiskey cocktail kit.

With my focus being on a “New Fashioned”, a fresh take on the traditional “Old Fashion”, I created a package design that is rooted in measurement and a scientific approach on drink making. The package construction was unique to this project and was created to optimize and enhance the user experience.


"Design and construct a package that enhances, displays and protects the products. Each package must contain at least 3 items and printed information about them. Graphic concepts should be aimed at your desired audience and have a consistent thematic that carries through the inside of the package and all support material. If the items in the package have labels, hang tags, stickers, etc., they must be designed to fit the concept. You must also consider how multiples of the package will display in the retail environment as you design the shape of the package and the exterior graphics. The interior may have removable compartments or built-ins."


Create a brand that is gender inclusive, visually appeal to a young audience of whiskey drinkers and creates an engaging/meaningful packaging experience



I began my design process with research on my target audience to better understand their needs to build a brand a product that appeals to them. I read through blogs, reddit and product reviews of similar products to gather this research. With this research I create specific audience characteristics, listed below.

  • Gender Inclusive
  • 25-45 year olds
  • MHHI $95,000+
  • Open minded
  • Corporate professional
  • Casual drinker, Enjoys drinking but not to excess
  • Free thinker


My inspiration was rooted in scientific mapping, measurement, graphs, urban life and diverging from traditional whiskey aesthetics. I used the scientific approach to solidify the idea of proper and precise measurements, which is needed to create a top tier drink.

Structure Design

Brand Design



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