Andy Warhol



Editorial Design


Visual Designer, Creative Director, Researcher


4 weeks, Individual project


InDesign, Photoshop


"Design an artist’s catalogue. Work with large amounts (and varieties) of content within a grid and working with text and image together to create meaning. The book should also contain all appropriate typographic details – headlines, sub-heads, folios, captions, and any applicable display type –  all composed on a thoughtfully designed variable grid"


Over four weeks, I managed the development of this 40+ page artist catalog of Andy Warhol's lesser-known known works from his series Death & During this time. I researched the content, which led to my area of focus for the artist and approach to the visual language. Following the research, I created a grid system and set of book standards that built the book's foundation. From there, I curated the imagery and visual design to create an engaging and meaningful experience.



During the research of this project, I found a new love for Andy Warhol's works. I stumbled upon his lesser-known but more impactful series, Death and Disaster. I took my time to approach the curation of this book because this series spans almost ten years of work and nearly 100 pieces. I found it exciting to choose five pieces that portrayed the overall theme of his series Death and Disaster. I showed the extensiveness of the series and the role it played in Andy's personal development as an artist and public figure.



During the multiple iterations I discovered a design system that focused on the pieces but allowed for the literary elements to hold their own ground and importance on the pages. I explored fonts and layouts for 2 weeks, developing 20+ versions of spreads and 10+ font combinations.



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